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Saturday, August 10
Join us for our annual summer celebration featuring Japanese and Japanese American performances, crafts, and activities—including taiko, an interactive kokeshi fashion show, taiko, bon odori lessons, face painting, origami, and more!

Thursday, August 1 • FREE
Gather with us in a relaxed atmosphere each Thursday of August to share tea, conversation, and write letters—with plenty of prompts provided by traci kato-kiriyama, Little Tokyo +LAB Artist-in-Residence. Artist and tea enthusiast Linda Wei will be helping to serve tea and conversation prompts.

Thursday, August 15 • FREE
See the historic heart of Little Tokyo—First Street North—through the eyes of artists and activists. Join us for a performance, screenings, and an inter-generational panel of community organizers discussing Little Tokyo’s history of art and activism.

Saturday, August 24
Mitsuye Yamada will read from her newest collection of poetry. Joining her are poets spanning five generations, sharing their own creative works and words.

Saturday, September 7
In Naomi Hirahara’s latest mystery, Leilani Santiago and her family manage a shave ice shack. She stumbles upon a dead body and must find the killer and somehow safeguard her family. Join Hirahara for a discussion about her love of shave ice and why she made Kaua‘i the location of her new novel.

Saturday–Sunday, September 14–15
Make washi paper-covered beads to create your own unique washi collage necklace and coordinated bracelet.

Find DVDs produced by Visual Communications and other At First Light: The Dawning of Asian Pacific America-related merchandise at the JANM Store. 10% discount for JANM members!

Who is your Nikkei hero(es)? Share their story and how they have inspired you or made an impact in your connection to your cultural heritage or identity. DEADLINE: September 30. Click icon for submission guidelines and to read stories already submitted.


At First Light is a multi-media exhibition that explores and celebrates the emergence of a politically defined Asian Pacific American consciousness and identity. It chronicles the transformation of the un-American categorization of “Oriental” to the political identity of “Asian Pacific American” that rejected racist stereotypes, stood up for human rights, recovered lost histories, and created new cultural expressions.

An overview of Japanese American history from early immigration to the present day. Incorporates artifacts, artwork, and media—including rare home movies and a section of the barracks from the Heart Mountain concentration camp.

These popular photographic exhibitions—Perseverance, which explores the artistry of traditional Japanese tattoos, and Tatau, which looks at the role of tattoos in Samoan culture—are traveling to the Immigration Museum in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


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